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Latimer Executive

We place interim and permanent specialists into the following positions

Latimer Executive

Latimer Executive is a search and selection firm specialising in sourcing high calibre C level Directors and Non-Executive Directors into private sector organisations across the UK. Created out of a desire to truly address the needs of our clients, we take the time to understand the issues, challenges and opportunities that our clients face.

We work with a range of carefully selected candidates who form part of our trusted network, and it is only those in this network that introduce to our clients based on our assessment of the delivery capability and suitability for the client.

Latimer was founded by Julian McCallum and Minesh Jobanputra (founders of Deltra Recruitment) with the aim of providing a value centric search and selection proposition. Having already created a successful recruitment business based on honest business relationships, Latimer Executive is much the same.

We believe recruitment should be based on genuine relationships and our ability to understand the needs of our clients and candidates. Recruitment is not a one size fits all approach and the future leaders of your business need to be perfectly suited to your organisations needs now and for the future. Our ability to truly understand what our candidates are capable of underpins our core offering.

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Latimer Executive Co-Founders Julian McCallum and Minesh Jobanputra

If you are interested in discussing your next role or looking to speak to us about our network of candidates please call on 07808764751 or 07854652813 for more details.


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